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Dejamobile is a Fintech and software solution provider specialised in Mobile Transaction Services. Our solutions help businesses to develop interactive and secure mobile services using contactless and proximity technologies (NFC, QR Code and Bluetooth Smart) in the areas of payment, retail and transport.
Our core offer is ReadyToTap Payment, our white label mobile payment solution based on HCE and tokenization technologies. Compliant with Cloud-Based Payments specifications from CB, Visa and MasterCard, ReadyToTap Payment allows issuers to offer a universal mobile contactless service unifying proximity and online payments.
Dejamobile’s teams own a large range of skills and expertise: software development, software and hardware security, smartcards, biometrics, contactless and proximity technologies, mobile payments, agile project management, R&D and innovation.
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ICARE Technologies

La bague d’ICARE un moyen d’identification sans contact, sécurisé, universel et personnel.
La bague et l’application mobile associées sont de véritables extensions de la majorité des systèmes d’identification (cartes de paiement, cartes vitales, clefs de voiture, de domicile, badges d’identification professionnels…). En plus de cela la bague dispose d'un système de désactivation en cas de retrait permettant grandement de réduire les risques d'usurpation.
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CopSonic enables communication between intelligent electronic devices based on the use of acoustic waves -ultrasounds and sounds- as a way to interact or transmit data. Distributed in B2B as a Software Development Kit, the technology can be integrated as an alternative or complement to NFC, Bluetooth or QR Codes in use cases related to digital security, IoT connectivity and smart detection.
Our patented ultrasound codec allows CopSonic to provide a unique solution based on a strong added value for those who adopt it: a higher bitrate, a considerable increase of security, a better resistance against echoes and noise and even the capacity to communicate in full duplex.
For the fintech and cybersecurity industries, CopSonic proposes the technology as a universal secured communication channel that requires no change on hardware: the existing speakers and microphones are enough to address 100 per cent of the end users for mobile payments, online payments or ID Management.
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PayLead is a French Fintech specialized in transaction data analysis. Thanks to our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, we enhance the value of payment flows and offer financial institutions and merchants the keys to incomparable customer knowledge, while complying fully with a “privacy by design” policy.
Reinventing financial institutions: from safe-box to inspiring prescriber
PayLead offers financial players the opportunity to enhance consumer experience by enabling them to recommend their customers offers adapted to their purchasing history, directly via their banking interfaces (web and mobile). Customers receive offers of advantages from retailers in line with their expectations, and once a purchase has been made, a cashback reward is directly credited to their bank account.
ALO®: a powerful and seamless experience serving customer relationships
Our Account-Linked Offer is the latest technology enabling all transaction data to be collected, not simply bank card payments. Thanks to both our data science expertise and the customer knowledge generated by ALO®, PayLead creates smart loyalty programs based on precise and high-performance propensity modeling.
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Biowatch is developing and commercialising a smartband aiming at extending the role of cards, PINs and passwords for seamless authentication to services, devices and premises. The band features a wrist vein pattern recognition system for non-transferability to 3rd parties and non-stop user authentication.
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Pop’n Link

Pop’n link introduces a new user experience, a new move, a new way to use smartphones for a more prosperous business.
Thanks to its POP, an innovate device distinguished by the Innovation Award at CES Las Vegas 2017, pop’n link provides your customers a pertinent access to your contextual services and content, without downloading any specific app neither sharing any login or personal data.
By just holding a smartphone on a POP for a few seconds, user is instantaneously offered a new universe of digital services tailored and related to the POP location (restaurant, hotel, office, event, store, museum, …), optimizing your business processes and workflows.
As POP guarantees the Proof of Presence of users at the POP location, pop’n link provides secured features like payment, authentic reviews, real-time user experience sharing, … turning into high business value services. And to make it even smarter and richer, pop’n link integrates the latest interface design practices and Artificial Intelligence technologies.
To speed up the development of the smartest web applications and push them instantenously to your customers and users, pop’n link has developped a very innovative application named pop’n designer made of business widgets (cart, payment, review, pick&collect, …) that enables pushing tailored web pages to your users in a few days, far the usual lengthy developent cycles required with old technologies.
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Créée en 2012, Nepting, basée à Montpellier, est un acteur qui s’est rapidement fait reconnaître dans le secteur de la monétique et des transactions sécurisées.
La société travaille aujourd’hui pour des grands comptes autant dans le monde de la banque, de la finance que du retail.
Nepting, autour de son système d’acceptation de nouvelle génération, propose une offre complète composée de différentes solutions de paiement (mPOS, TPE Léger, Retail intégrée, WebTPE,…). Cette offre est une réponse innovante à la problématique du commerce pour l’acceptation, en France et à l’international, des moyens de paiement existants, émergents et à venir.
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Pay Yes! is a mobile payment solution that allows a person to pay remotely and in real time the purchases of a third party wherever he/she is in the world. Our innovation is to bring a triangulation in the payment process in real time at the moment of the purchase between the beneficiary who is at the checkout, the payer who is debited remotely and the merchant who is credited with the amount of the sale. With Pay Yes! we deal with all these everyday situations where delegating a purchase or a payment to a third party is a necessity, a practicality, an act of solidarity or simply a pleasure, that of offering and paying at a distance.
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Key Infuser develops and sells innovative solutions, with a strong expertise in robotics, embedded computing, connected objects and 3D Printing. We believe that those new technologies enable the development of new commercial solutions that are effective at a much lower cost that traditional developments and help us to address new unmet market demands via a lower entry price.
Our solutions target Corporates Companies proactive in the digital transformation, Companies who build Connected Objects, Distributors who want to offer new customer experiences, Fintech.
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Natural Security Alliance

Natural Security is an innovative mobile application designed to enhance face-to-face and online transactions, enabling users to securely authenticate to any service providers such as banks, merchants, etc.
Our core offer combines user’s biometrics and a smartphone app (iOS / Android) to offer a unique secure hands-free user experience at the checkout, based on Natural Security Alliance specifications. Our solution also allows users to avoid queue lines using a self-scanning /in-app payment system.
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ProcessOut helps online merchants monitor and optimize their payment flow. Thanks to our technology, any payment API can be activated in a single click. Each transaction is then analyzed and routed in real time to the most relevant provider. On top of that our smart monitoring tool helps online merchants scale & manage their payment infrastructure to optimize payment fees & avoid failed transactions.
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OneVisage is a Swiss cyber-security company that develops unique 3D facial biometry and 3D graphical authentication software solutions that enable large financial services and cyber-security integrators drastically reducing cyber-frauds and identity thieves.
Unlike hardware-specific biometric solutions or any software-based authentication alternatives that all offer weaker security equivalent to 4-digit pin-code, OneVisage is first to outperform 9-digit pin-code security (1’000 times higher than Face ID) on +3 Billion mobile devices at the price of password-based solutions.
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PayTop is a Fintech, creator of payment services in France and worldwide.
We have created the first French multi-currency prepaid card, with 6 interchangeable currencies, associated with an application, a website and a payment account, which allow our customers to control their money from everywhere in the world.
We are offering white label services to banks, financial institutions and corporates in order to meet different customers’ uses like pre-banking of youngs under 18, border workers, travelers, students leaving abroad, employees travelling abroad...
PayTop is a Payment Establishment, accredited by ACPR, with 5 banking licences, gathering 20 experts of digital, IT and compliance.
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